About Me

Family is most important, then friends, innocent animals, and other people.  I do my very best to give my all to the special people in my life.  I've always been passionate about home ownership, maybe because we never had the privilege of owning our own home when I was a child.  I love the outdoors and enjoy beachcombing, bicylcing, walking my dogs, camping and hiking whenever possible.

I purchased my first home when I was only 21 years old, and raised my two beautiful daughters as a single mother.  During this time, I continued my education while working full-time to support my little family.  It's funny how things turn out; we can only do our very best each and every day to keep growing, learning, and giving back to help those less fortunate.

After a long career  as a Technical Support Specialist in the Aerospace Engineering industry, I decided to give back by being the best real estate consultant that I can be!!  I'm a good listener and would welcome your questions and concerns about home ownership.  I promise to do my very best to help make your real estate dreams come true.